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Sorry State Records (Raleight,NC), Armageddon Records(Cambridge,MA), Blackwater Records (Portland,OR), Material World (New York City), In Your Ear Records (Allston,MA), Deep Thoughts Records (Jamaica Plain,MA), Cheapo Records (Cambridge,MA), Looney Tunes Records (Cambridge,MA) + many more soon.


Boston Hassle -

"Caw! is the debut album of Boston psychedelic rock’n’roll punks Banshee – featuring members of fan favorites Male Nurses and Savageheads as well as the underrated Bombers. The self-released album opens with a a burst of psychedelic noise clatter, setting the stage for most of what is to come. The galloping drums oscillate between punk and rock’n’roll. Coupled with the swirling solos and the murky howled vocals – which often break into full-on banshee shriek – they build an atmosphere of quasi-blues hard rock by way of MC5. While The 13th Floor Elevators and Red Krayola immediately come to mind, the psychedelic rock feels more at home with the off-kilter sounds of 70s Detroit – Destroy All Monsters, for instance. Industrial undercurrents and eclectic, discordant interludes help to keep the listener from ever getting too comfortable. Caw! hits hard with a punk assertiveness but is at its best when its more sedate and atmospheric moments are allowed to grow, heightening the impact when the aggressive sonic assault breaks through. This is most evident in one of the album’s highlights, “Dance of the Dead,” where the almost poppy riff lets the psychedelia build only to periodically punctuate it with maniacal vocals and guitar swells before culminating in droning raga. Keep your eyes peeled for Banshee in the Boston area – upcoming shows include the Middle East with NYC’s Urchin on September 19th and SCATV on the October 4th."

Sorry State Records -

"Banshee: Caw! 12” (self-released) While the Testa Dura 7” handily wins my “record of the month” award, I feel the need to make up another award for this Banshee LP… let’s call it the “surprise of the month.” I didn’t even know this band existed, so it was kind of surprising when they solicited me with a full LP, especially given the caliber of bands that the members have been (and in some cases still are) involved with: Green Beret, Male Nurses, Chain Rank, and Combat Zone, among others. However, when I clicked on the soundcloud link that they sent I thought to myself, “man, I think this is really good.” And now that the vinyl is here and I’ve been able to spend a little more time with this I can confirm that it IS really good. So, the broad story here is that it’s people who grew up with punk and hardcore expanding their palette and playing something more rock-inspired. That’s something that’s been going on since punk started, and there are a few different paths available, like the Gun Club-inspired path (this one seems to be favored by New York bands like Fur Helmet and Cheena) or the Thin Lizzy-inspired path (think of bands like Annihilation Time, Barbed Wire, or Sorry State’s own Mind Dweller). However, Banshee take the Stooges-inspired path… in particular (largely thanks to the wah-drenched guitar) Fun House seems like a particular inspiration. Hardcore punk + Fun House pretty much = Mudhoney, and Banshee definitely sound quite a bit like Mudhoney in places, but they tend to ride that in-the-pocket groove a little harder, playing closer to the influence, as bands nowadays are wont to do. As someone who vastly prefers the Stooges to Gun Club or Thin Lizzy, Banshee’s style is definitely my preferred route along the “punk goes rock” path, so I’m predisposed to like this, but I also think that Banshee have a really strong and distinctive take on the style. There’s not really much pop in their sound, but instead the pleasure in listening to Caw! comes from hearing them dig into a groove and take it as far as it can go in much the same way that jazz-inspired bands like Can or Amon Düül II did, but with zero jazz pretension and maximum American rock riffage. Maybe there’s hype out there for this thing and I just missed it, but I’m hoping I can turn some people on to this record because it’s a real beast."

Feel It Records -

"Here's a really cool one that came completely out of left field (for me at least) - Banshee are a new Boston area group comprised of folks from Male Nurses, Bombers, and Combat Zone. While you might expect another ruling hardcorepunk record given their collective pedigree, you'd be completely wrong in this case. Instead, Banshee hone in on a psychedelic punk sound that really strikes true on Caw! There's definitely a rugged, 70's Detroit element behind it all, and I'm sure you could even call parts of this protopunk, but Banshee succeed in mixing that harder rock sound with psychedelia - a rare feat indeed. Between the sitar and auxiliary percussion scattered across this record, I'm hearing bits of Texan acts that wound up on International Artists (Golden Dawn, Red Krayola, Elevators) with a decided emphasis on strong songwriting. Coupled with the excellent production throughout, Banshee have done quite the bang-up job on this LP. It's psychedelic without being over the top, punk without burying the energy underneath a cloud of effects, and never gets stuck in the dreaded "jam" that makes so much manufactured, contemporary psych rock boring (for me, at least). Should be easy to file this one alongside your Vee Dee and Puffy Areolas LPs. A very pleasant and recommended listen! Each copy includes a unique, handcrafted lyric insert. Self released on Banshee Records."

Suburban Voice -

"BANSHEE-Caw! (self-released, LP) Seeing Banshee live is quite the experience... half a dozen or so (I lost count) guys playing an arsenal of guitars, bass, drums, sax and keyboards, fronted by a vocalist doing his best to channel both Iggy and Stiv. And the music is total widescreen, kick-out-the-jams-motherfuckers psyche-rock-a-rama. A thick 'n heady stew. All of this is executed by members of Boston bands Male Nurses, Casanovas In Heat, Combat Zone and many others. And it rocks like crazy, punk guys flying their freak flag and imbuing that kind of attitude into the fray. Banshee tend to stretch out on their songs--five of seven top the five minute mark When they're on, they're on, as with the fired-up fury of "Wave To The Police," "Culture Vulture" and "Cop Caller," which fades off into noisy mayhem. Sure, it can get ponderous or hazy on occasion and I get the feeling ingesting various substances might enhance the effect. But this hits you between the ears. Get out the black light and boogie. (www.bansheemotherfuckers.com)" -Al Quint/Suburban Voice


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